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Stawski Spirits

Stawski Classic Vodka
is produced from premium winter wheat grown in the finest wheat fields south of Warsaw and the purest mountain spring water. Stawski Classic Vodka is distilled 4 times and the most advanced carbon filtration technology is used to remove any and all trace impurities.








Stawski Gorzka
Żołądkowa Gorzka is a quality semi-sweet liqueur with a unique bitter-herbal flavor. It is made from high quality rectified spirit and herbal spicy essence, which make the flavoring of the brand so special. Żołądkowa Gorzka is an excellent aperitif and digestif. One of the ingredients is a
spirit infusion with unripe oranges and clover that gives this unique liqueur it’s special flavor.







Stawski Bizonovka
Since the 13th century Polish nobles have been infusing vodka with Bison grass, found in Poland only in the Bialowieza forest. The American Indians used to call this grass “Holy Grass” because of it’s remarkable taste and supposed medicinal properties. Try the legendary Bizonovka Vodka for yourself and feel the power of the Bison.







Potato Vodka
Made from potatoes grown in theHeart of Poland and distilled at Polmos Torun exclusively for Stawski Distributing. This is the only potato Vodka worthy of bearing mr. Stawski’s Family crest.
The high potato starch content Creates a balanced and creamy Taste, delicious in any vodka based drink. Stawski Potato Vodka is also the perfect vodka for those with reactions to grain.







Jazz Jamboree Vodka
Made its initial appearance and won rave reviews at the 1991 International Jazz Music Festival where it scored 89 points out of 100 from the Beverage Testing Institute. The vodka’s label is a reproduction of the festival’s poster. And what’s inside the bottle reflects the cool, smooth nature of good jazz, another product of Poland. Jazz® Jamboree Vodka is a luxurious vodka made from the highest quality rectified grain spirit. It is the key ingredient in making a good mixed drink. The water used in making this vodka comes from a deep artesian well below the Starogard Distillery of Gdansk, which traces its history back to 1846. While a relatively new product, Jazz® Jamboree Vodka maintains the distillery’s tradition of making excellent vodkas.







Stawski Vodka
From an old family receipe, Stawski “Koneser” Vodka is distilled frorm rye grain, creating a vodka so incredibly smooth it can be drunk straight. It is
also delicious chilled or as a compelling addition to cocktails. Packaged in gift tube.
The Beverage Testing Institute International review of spirits
Award: Gold Medal
Rated: 95 points.







Stawski Spirit
Poland is one of Europe’s major producers of spirit derived from fermentation. Rectified Spirit produced from grain for export purposes is rectified twice with the application of modern apparatus made by specialized Polish factories. Rectification of spirit is effected in conformity with special technological methods based on full automation of the rectification process, high quality of raw materials (grain), and strict laboratory inspection of the final product. The final product in the form of rectified spirit is the basic component of Polish Vodkas known throughout the world for their supreme quality. Polish Rectified Spirit is absolutely neutral and is devoid of even a slightest trace of smell. It does not contain even a trace of natural sideline residues of fermentation. Rectified Spirit is additionally refined through special automatic technological process, as result of which its taste and flavor are significantly enhanced. Hence, the Polish Rectified Spirit is literally an ethyl alcohol, suitable for making high quality alcoholic beverages.







Wisniak (Polish Cherry Cordial)
Wisniak is the best and most popular semi-sweet cherry liqueur (with a low alcohol content) in Poland. Wisniak is made from fresh cherries with natural flavor and fragrance. Wisniak has a pleasing, mild bouquet, sweet cherry taste and noticeable flavor of almonds. It can be served straight or as a component of cocktails. It is highly appreciated by ladies who avoid strong alcoholic drinks. Best served at room temperature in liqueur glasses with coffee and desserts.







Wisniowka (Cherry Cordial)
A cherry-colored, semi-sweet fruit flavored cordial made of juice and infusion of selected, masterfully combined aromatic Polish cherries of the succulent type, picked in orchards specially cultivated for this purpose in the region of Poland where the soil and climate are most propitious. Wisniowka is also made from premium spirits. Its pretty color adds a festive touch to the table, and its delicate harmony of cherry flavors is simply a delight. Wisniowka is the best known Polish Cherry Cordial, most appreciated in the world market. Polish Wisniowka is much less sweet than other cherry cordials and because of that is a perfect ingredient of cocktails. It is a favorite drink of ladies, best served at room temperature with coffee and desserts. Excellent after meals slightly chilled. Also a superior mixed drink base. For its superb quality Wisniowka has won numerous gold and silver medals* at the international and domestic competitions.

Wisniowka has been awarded Gold Medals:
– The Leipzig International Fair in 1969,
– The Salon D’Alimentation in Brussels in 1973,
– The Monde Selection in Brussels in 1987,
and Silver Medals:
– The International Competition of Alcoholic Beverages in Ljubljana in 1962 and 1968,
– The 1973 Monde Selection in Paris.



Stawski Krupnik is a blendof natural honey spices and aromatic herbs.
From an eighteeth century recipe, Stawski Krupnik is a sweet and warming with a great balance of honey and herbs.