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Crossover Run CARGO XXI


Authentic 100% Rye Canadian Whiskey

During Prohibition, American underground clubs and speakeasies relied on privateers for their whiskey. Privateers ran Canadian Whiskey across Lake Ontario using fast boats fueled by courage and cunning. This became known as the Crossover Run.

With the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the first shipments of Cargo XXI, aptly named for the 21st Amendment, ushered in a great new era for Canadian Whiskies.

Cargo XXI is true Canadian Whiskey, distilled, blended and bottled in Canada.

Unlike most contemporary Canadian Whiskies which contain only a fraction of rye, Cargo XXI is one of the very few whiskies made from 100% rye. Cargo XXI is aged 3 years in Canadian oak barrels which provides extraordinary flavor, along with a silky smooth delivery and finish. Experience the exceptional spirit, history, and taste of Crossover Run’s Cargo XXI.

  • Made from 100% rye.
  • True Canadian Whisky – Distilled, blended and bottled in Canada.
  • Aged 3 years in Canadian oak barrels.
  • Extraordinary flavor, delivering a silky smooth finish.