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Camus Cognac


What is Cognac?

  • Cognac is a spirit obtained by the double distillation of wine
  • Cognac is the name of a town in the western part of France
  • Cognac is also an appellation = produced only in a limited area
  • The name Cognac is protected worldwide, Cognac can only be produced in France
  • The Cognac vineyards represent 185 000 acres and are divided into six crus

What do VS, VSOP, XO mean?

    Depending on the length of its ageing, a Cognac can be called:

  • 2 years minimum = VS (Very Special)
  • 4 years minimum = VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale)
  • 6 years minimum = XO (Extra Old) – to be changed in 2018 to min 10 years
    (as a rule, all cognacs must be finished for an additional 6 months in oak after blending)
  • Other less common expressions: Extra, Napoleon, Vieille Reserve, Hors D’Age, Vintage, etc…

152 Years of Passion and Excellence

CAMUS is one of the largest independent family-owned Cognac company and fifth among Cognac companies.

Since 1863, five generations of the CAMUS family have cultivated a single-minded passion for crafting great Cognac in their own style.

CAMUS remains a proudly independent company, with a strong belief that craftsmanship, passion and quality are the keys to a product’s enduring success.

A Family of Winegrowers

CAMUS is one of the largest landowners in the Borderies cru -the smallest of the six growth areas of the Cognac AOC- famous for the ageing potential of its eaux-de-vie.

The fact that the CAMUS family home Le Plessis lies at the heart of this cru is proof of a special attachment to the land.

Key figures:

  • 187 hectares (450 acres) of vineyards
  • 1 distillery
  • 5 ageing cellars


CAMUS VSOP Elegance is a Cognac rich in mellow, fruity aromas.
For the VSOP Elegance, Maison CAMUS selects aromatic eaux-de-vie partially distilled on the lees, including some from our famous Borderies cru, to strengthen the aromatic richness of this Cognac as it ages. Aging in oak barrels specially selected by CAMUS ensures a great mellowness of character and richness of flavor, accented with delicate woody notes. The barrels used are medium toasted, preserving the original aromas of the aux-de-vie and producing a Cognac with admirable poise and balance.
Drink straight over ice or long.
CAMUS VSOP Elegance is the preferred choice of bar professionals worldwide as the base for premium cocktails.


Elegance is the defining characteristic of all CAMUS Cognacs. CAMUS VS Elegance is a careful blend of eaux-de-vie made from wines distilled without lees. Its personality is very faithful to the original aromas of the wine and the quintessential flavors of the Charente terroir, characterized by delicate fruity and floral notes. During the distillation process our cellar master is constantly striving for the extremely pronounced aromatic character typical of the CAMUS style. Drink straight with or without ice, or long with tonic or green tea.


The 2014 Limited Edition of CAMUS Borderies VSOP presents a lively, mineral and floral character. The wine used for this Cognac came mostly from the Domaines CAMUS estates, and was exclusively distilled on the lees.The long ageing process in seasoned casks has sublimated the mineral character of this CAMUS Borderies VSOP into a harmonious, smooth and coherent array of aromas.


The eaux-de-vie used to make CAMUS Borderies XO Cognac have an astounding aromatic intensity and a remarkable velvety texture. Produced mainly from the most prized vines in the Domaines CAMUS estate, the wine is distilled on the lees before its long ageing in oak barrels. Each step in the ageing process has contributed to and enhanced the already rich and complex aromatic palette of this Cognac from the smallest and most highly favored of the AOC crus.