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The Kingfisher is a brightly colored species of bird known throughout the world’s tropical regions. Kingfisher Lager takes its name from this very unique bird, which is proudly and beautifully featured on its label. To some extent Kingfisher credits it’s quality to the British Colonists during the nineteenth century. The British troops demanded a ration of quality ale and beer, which in turn fueled the need to produce an beer of very high standards. Since 1857, Kingfisher has been brewed in copper urns, in the same fashion as it has since it’s inception. This time-proven technique along with the implementation of crystal clear water, delicate grain malt, and fine hops, which imparts Kingfisher it’s character and smoothness. Today, adventurous gourmets are interested in sampling the exotic spices and flavors of the Indian continent. Indian restaurants are becoming more and more prevalent from coast to coast. Savvy Indian and Nouveau Restauranteurs know that Kingfisher is the obvious choice to accompany the spicy curries and dishes which India is known for; They know that an Indian feast is not complete without ice-cold, delicious, thirst-quenching, Kingfisher.


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