Categories: Spirits. Country: Canada.

Crossover Run CARGO XXI

Authentic 100% Rye Canadian Whiskey

Unlike most contemporary Canadian Whiskies which contain only a fraction of rye, Cargo XXI is one of the very few whiskies made from 100% rye. Cargo XXI is aged 3 years in Canadian oak barrels which provides extraordinary flavor, along with a silky smooth delivery and finish. Experience the exceptional spirit, history, and taste of Crossover Run’s Cargo XXI.

  • Made from 100% rye.
  • True Canadian Whisky – Distilled, blended and bottled in Canada.
  • Aged 3 years in Canadian oak barrels.
  • Extraordinary flavor, delivering a silky smooth finish.

1L, 750ml, 375ml
42.5% ALC/VOL