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Chang beer is now enjoyed in all corners of the globe. Only the finest ingredients go into the production of Thailand’s Chang beer including the finest barley malt and pure deep-well water sourced in Thailand.

Chang, in Thai, translates as elephant. An animal renowned for its superior strength and mental capacity. Elephants played a major role in Thailand’s history, taking warriors into battle against invaders as well as being used in royal and religious ceremonies. In particular a white elephant was a venerable creature worthy of use by royalty and all those of noble birth.
The two white elephants on the Chang beer logo symbolize happiness, harmony and prosperity.

Chang beer is a combination of Thailand’s plentiful resources, creating a unique, but authentically Thai beer of international quality. Great care and attention has been taken to create the right taste from a blend of ingredients to complement an array of spicy Thai foods. One of the leading South-East Asian brands, Chang uses deep well-water to achieve the perfect mineral composition to brew lager, water so pure it is also bottled and sold in Thailand as mineral water.

Within 4 years of launch, Chang became the number one selling beer brand in Thailand, exceeding all expectations and surpassing a market share of 50%. Today Chang has a strengthening presence not just in South East Asia but around the rest of the world.
Hot off the success of winning two gold medals in 2008 at the USA World Beer Championships and Monde Selection in 2009, Chang was awarded another gold medal from the 2010 World Beers and Drinks Selection. In addition to these wins, Chang has also been awarded Australian International Beer Award medals, proving its international appeal.
After the success of Chang Beer in Thailand the brand was launched worldwide. Now Chang is available and exported to countries around the world including UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.