Singha beer – named for a mythical lion, symbol of a nation’s pride. The very first Thai beer was born out of ancient Siam, via royal prestige and the adoration of the Thai people. First brewed in 1933, Singha combined research and passion Boonrawd Srethabutra, founder of the very first brewery in Thailand, toured Europe’s finest brewmasters to create the best recipe for his truly Thai beer. His secret? Pure water from Thailand, giving Singha beer its unique flavor and prime Asian credentials.

Boonnrawd Srethabutra. was rewarded by King RAMA VI with the aristocratic title, PHRAYA BHIROM BHAKDI. So ahead of his time PHRAYA BHIROM BHAKDI that he market-tested seven beers with the Thai public, letting them choose they favorite – the beer that has been the nation’s choice for more then 75 years. Today, at his Boonrawd brewery, the fourth generation of the family is taking Singha beer to a new world of premium plus beer lovers.

Siam became Thailand in 1939, full of tradition, beauty and mystery. from rich culture and lush landscapes in the north to southern sandy beaches, turquoise oceans and vibrant nightlife, Thailand is opening now what was ones a rare experience – its buzzing cities, spiritual heart and gentle beauty sum up the Asian experience. At home, Singha is everyday Thailand, busy and bursting with flavor. Abroad, that unique taste conjuring an exotic, exiting world – Singha is Thailand, Bottled.

Singha beer was first exported in 1970s, beginning with neighboring countries in southeast Asia. Slowly, exportation expended to include Asia, Australia, US and Europe. With the rapid expansion of the international market during the last 1990s, Boonrawd Trading International CO., LTD (BTI) was set up in 2001 to oversee the exportation of Singha products.
Stawski Distributing has bees importing Singha beer for over 15 years, we supply Midwest with Singa Beer.

Tasting Notes
Like Thai culture Thai cuisine is all about the balance of flavors. And just like Thai food, Singha beer is the perfect combination of bitter, juicy hops rounded with sweet, mellow malt and refreshing clear Thai water. Singha is great to drink with Thai meal – that’s why you will find it in many Thai restaurants around the globe.
But it offers so much more, matching most Asian cuisines and even standing up tot creamy sweetness and the kick of spices like tabasco, and away from the table? A classic Singha sundowner delivers the beaches of Koh Samui in a sip, or at the bar, The Thrill of Thailand in a Bottle.