Categories: Spirits. Country: Poland.

Stawski Wisniowka

A cherry-colored, semi-sweet fruit flavored cordial made of juice and infusion of selected, masterfully combined aromatic Polish cherries of the succulent type, picked in orchards specially cultivated for this purpose in the region of Poland where the soil and climate are most propitious. Wisniowka is also made from premium spirits. Its pretty color adds a festive touch to the table, and its delicate harmony of cherry flavors is simply a delight. Wisniowka is the best known Polish Cherry Cordial, most appreciated in the world market. Polish Wisniowka is much less sweet than other cherry cordials and because of that is a perfect ingredient of cocktails. It is a favorite drink of ladies, best served at room temperature with coffee and desserts. Excellent after meals slightly chilled. Also a superior mixed drink base. For its superb quality Wisniowka has won numerous gold and silver medals* at the international and domestic competitions.



Wisniowka has been awarded Gold Medals:
– The Leipzig International Fair in 1969,
– The Salon D’Alimentation in Brussels in 1973,
– The Monde Selection in Brussels in 1987,
and Silver Medals:
– The International Competition of Alcoholic Beverages in Ljubljana in 1962 and 1968,
– The 1973 Monde Selection in Paris.