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Taj Mahal

Between the years of 1630 and 1648 in the city of Agra in the country of India, the Shah Jahan erected a monument to his favorite wife. He called his monument “Taj Mahal” The name Taj Mahal literally means “The best of buildings”. Indeed, when viewed from near or from faraway, its visage is the essence of heavenly beauty in architecture. The Shah Jahan intended the palace as a home for his beautiful wife. Unfortunately the best hopes (as history reminds us), are sometimes dashed to the four winds; instead, the Taj Mahal became a mausoleum rather than a home. The story of the Taj Mahal is timeless, as is the glorious building that stands as its reminder. Taj Mahal is the beer for the serious connoisseur. The label on the bottle depicts the heavenly beauty of its namesake. As is appropriate, Taj Mabal is brewed from only the finest water, grain, hops and yeast. It is a delicious and refreshing drink to the utmost! A cool, tall, six hundred and fifty milliliter bottle of Taj Mahal is the best way to refresh after a long day of work …or with a. particularly spicy meal. Taj Mahal is as monumental among the beers of the world as its namesake is to t he continent of India. Indian restauranteurs know that Taj Mahal beer is as important to their menus as are dishes containing curry.