Categories: Spirits. Country: Poland.

Stawski Spirytus

Poland is one of Europe’s major producers of spirit derived from fermentation. Rectified Spirit produced from grain for export purposes is rectified twice with the application of modern apparatus made by specialized Polish factories. Rectification of spirit is effected in conformity with special technological methods based on full automation of the rectification process, high quality of raw materials (grain), and strict laboratory inspection of the final product. The final product in the form of rectified spirit is the basic component of Polish Vodkas known throughout the world for their supreme quality. Polish Rectified Spirit is absolutely neutral and is devoid of even a slightest trace of smell. It does not contain even a trace of natural sideline residues of fermentation. Rectified Spirit is additionally refined through special automatic technological process, as result of which its taste and flavor are significantly enhanced. Hence, the Polish Rectified Spirit is literally an ethyl alcohol, suitable for making high quality alcoholic beverages.