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Perla Chmielowa

Perla Chmielowa is brewed in Perla Lublin, established in 1846. Perla with its 100-year old tradition is considered to be the most popular beer in the region. With its no less than 9 Gold Medals and Distinctions in both national and international competitions, Perla is one of Europe’s most award winning beers.
The characteristic gentle bitterness, nice smell of hop and the excellent clarity are the most interesting features that describe the great taste of Perla.
Perla is brewed according the old traditions of the brew-masters, and is enhanced with a new world recipe. Perla is constantly improving the quality and ingredients (famous Lublin hop purchased from the best planters and water from their own Oligocene deep wells), for the best taste imaginable.
The result is that Perla satisfies the tastes of the most experienced beer drinkers.
Since 1999 Perla Chmielowa has received 8 awards and distinctions in Easter European Beer Tasting.

500ML, 50L KEG

Perla Malt

Clearly tasted bitterness, refreshing taste and long lasting foam are main advantages Perla Malt. Brilliant ingredients, suitable, crystal clear Oligocene water for strong beers and long fermentation and maturing time give this beer real refreshing taste.


Perla Honey

Light full honey beer with the alcohol content of 6%. Naturally cloudy with a deep amber color and a long-lasting light-creme foam. It owes its unique aroma and taste to the mixture of the characteristic bitterness well-beloved by Perła Chmielowa fans and the delicate sweetness of the multi-flower honeys from the Lublin region. Try the newest product from the Pearl Among Beers.