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Lomza Wyborowe

Winner of a Bronze Medal at the World Beer Championships and recommended by the Beverage Testing Institute, this lager has a winning formula. Lomza Wyborowe has a yellowish-gold coloring with wet grain aromas along with floral hop notes. A smooth, effervescent entry leads to a light-to medium-bodied palate with dry, somewhat light pale malt flavors and alcohol coming through on the finish, along with light, spicy hop flavors.

330ML 500ML









Lomza Malt Liquor

Recommended by the Beverage Testing Institute and winner of a Bronze Medal in the World Beer Championship, this malt liqueur has the taste to win you over. Lomza Malt Liqueur has a pale yellow-gold hue with a restrained pale malt nose. A smooth attack with a medium body leads to slightly sweet, faintly toasty, malt flavors buttressed by a touch of bitter hops. Light on malt flavors but high on alcohol, although with a chill it does not show. Try one of the best Malt Liqueurs on the market today.

330ML 500ML









Lomza Export 

Lomza Export has a golden straw color. A hoppy start leads to a smooth grass-like finish.










Lomza Export Miodowe 



Lomza Export Miodowe was created as a blend of the local beer and natural honey from apiaries located near Lomza. The quality of the honey used in brewing processes gives this particular type of beer the delicate, sweet-bitter taste and slight honey aroma.