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Stawski Jazz® Vodka

sTAWSKI_jAZZ_1_2Made its initial appearance and won rave reviews at the 1991 International Jazz Music Festival where it scored 89 points out of 100 from the Beverage Testing Institute.
The vodka’s label is a reproduction of the festival’s poster. And what’s inside the bottle reflects the cool, smooth nature of good jazz, another product of Poland.
Jazz® Jamboree Vodka is a luxurious vodka made from the highest quality rectified grain spirit. It is the key ingredient in making a good mixed drink.
The water used in making this vodka comes from a deep artesian well below the Starogard Distillery of Gdansk, which traces its history back to 1846. While a relatively new product, Jazz® Jamboree Vodka maintains the distillery’s tradition of making excellent vodkas.