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Jacqueline Sparkling Wine

JACQUELINE is a delicious Sparkling Wine produced in France. It is ideal for adding a festive touch to any occasion. The lively bubbles are the perfect companion for an evening with friends and will give cocktails a delightful fizz. JACQUELINE SPARKLING white wines come exclusively from the noble white grapes of Airen, Ugni Blanc and Colombard. JACQUELINE ROSÉ comes from Merlot grapes from the finest French vineyards. The grapes have been carefully selected before traditional vinification by grape variety. The still wines then produced will be blended together. JACQUELINE is made using the Charmat method. The six-week sparkling process starts with fermentation by adding natural yeast. Then a cooling operation stabilises the sparkle, to be followed by filtration just before bottling.

Served well chilled (8°C). Jacqueline’s fine bubbles will add a delightfully fresh note to any dessert courses at the end of the meal. It is also perfect for aperitifs, on its own or in cocktails. JACQUELINE is available BRUT, DEMI-SEC and ROSÉ.

Jacqueline Sparkling Brut

  • EYE Pale gold; fine and persistent bubbles.
  • NOSE Fresh and fruity. Subtle aromas of lemon and roasted almond.
  • PALATE Fine and elegant bubbles. Fruity, with hints of fresh citrus and light floral notes. The finish is slightly sweet.